I’m a 28 year old dude who lives in the Adobe package. I’m a friendly and cheerful bloke with a bright mind. I thrive by being creative and imersing myself in a creative process.

I’m helpful and love to share my knowledge, ideas and support the people around me. I listen to ideas as well as give and take constructive criticism well.


I graduated as an AP Graduate in Multimedia Design & Communication, June 2017. Since then I’ve been studying on my own and working on personal projects to get experience in web design and programming.

I’m self-motivating and learn quickly, either by researching or by trial and error. I get nerdy about my work and strive to achieve the best results and highest quality.


As a part of my internship in 2017, I was asked to make a new logo, a presentation video and setup a quick WordPress website for My Story Place.

My Story Place is a digital platform that allows individuals and companies to save their personal stories and share them.

The platform allows people to care for the valuable memories and for companies to tell the story of their place with the app as a tour guide.

Since 2014 PlushLife has been delivering large cuddly plushies to the world.

Not only am I the co-founder and designer of the plushies, but also in charge of the company’s visual identity: Logo, label, web and graphic design.

I started before I took the degree as AP Graduate in Multimedia Design & Communication, and I am constantly making improvements as I advance.



Multimedia Design & Communication

AP Graduate, June 2017

This degree enables the graduate to perform market analysis, target audience analysis, graphic design, web design and programming with the intention to build a company's brand and visual identity online and offline.

Drawing Class

Truemax Academy, 2010

The course enriches the learner with multiple drawing techniques such as croquis, sketching, 2D animation, comic drawing, illustration, concept art etc.


AM Marketing

Internship, September 18th – October 13th, 2017

Design logo, make presentation video and a wordpress website.

My Story Place ApS

Internship Multimedia Design & Communication, 2017

Design user interface for web and mobile app, and code it with HTML and CSS.

CUC Engineering A/S

Assembly worker, 2007 – 2012

Soldering cables onto connectors and cast a plastic cape around the installation.